Dan + Sean

Working with Glen was an absolute pleasure. From the moment we contacted him, he was very involved in hearing about our plans, suggesting ways to improve our itinerary, and talking very passionately about our event and how he hoped to capture it. He was very thorough in making sure the day was planned well. The day of the event, he was prepared, open to last minute changes, and always ready for the most spontaneous moments. Once we received the photos, he completely captured the emotions, moments, happiness and beauty of the day, as well as capturing 100 moments I wasn’t even aware of. You’ll be very happy working with Glen!




Kyli + Nick

I can’t praise Glen highly enough. He is up for the task of getting the shots you want. My husband 
and I took our engagement photos at MInnehaha Falls during the polar vortex cold snaps and shortly after the large snow/ice storm in February. Glen got some really amazing shots of us. Because of Glen’s work and dedication we were more than happy to have him as our wedding photographer as well. I understand it sounds a little cliche but Glen can paint with his camera. Glen captured our rainy day wedding with gusto. If you are looking for a photo journalist style event photographer with unique and an eye catching style look no further. You really would be hard pressed to find better than Glen in experience, flexibility and price.




John + Eric

We hired Glen to photograph our wedding after seeing the work he’d done for friends who had used him recently and had a coffee table book of their wedding in their home. We were blown away by the quality and even more by the moments he captured throughout their day that told a their story. Glen is an experienced photojournalist and this background shines through in his work. He is very up front about his pricing. He is hired for his time and experience and the images are all yours at the end of the process–a great way to go, eliminating the sales pitch to buy prints at the end. About a month before our wedding, we had a meeting with him at our home to get to know him, and him us. He gave us the opportunity to express what we wanted out of our photographs and this gave him the opportunity to get to know our story. His experience allowed him to “stay invisible”, yet capture so many great moments we didn’t know happened. We were blown away by the quality and the number of great shots he got….so many moments we didn’t know happened and many great moments captured at exactly the right second. We can HIGHLY recommend working with Glen. He’s a great person to work with and his quality is superb!



Todd and Stacy, January 18, 2014  Glen Stubbe Photography

Stacy + Todd

Glen approached our wedding like art work. His composition of scenes is fantastic, and he just has an eye for making the background compliment the subjects for really beautiful photos. In the candids, the movement and dynamics of the moment were perfectly timed with his shutter and we have photographs that we will treasure. Anyone can take a picture of your wedding dress on the hanger. Anyone can bring a flash umbrella and make your family stand up straight and put the short people in front, and the tall people in back. If you really want to have someone that can capture your precious moments, your hilarious surprises, your quiet reflections, or your tearful celebration, you want Glen.






Nik + Michael

We were incredibly pleased with the photography work and felt the personal touch added to our experience. Outstanding job capturing our special day in photos. We are very pleased with the outcome and Glen was just great to work with. We would recommend Glen without hesitation!




360Alison_Chris_LoRes copy

Alison + Chris

Glen was so wonderful to work with — very kind, easy-going, and professional — and the product he delivered was exactly what we asked for and could not have been better. Prior to the wedding, we were debating having a photographer at all, and didn’t see much value in doing so, but we succumbed to family pressure and now we are so glad we did. Glen captured the beauty and excitement of our day just as we hoped he would. My only regret is that we only booked him for a few hours – I wish we had kept him for a few more. Glen is truly a fabulous photographer. We are so pleased that we chose him for our photographer. We could not have asked for better.



Ashley + Jason September 14, 2013

Ashley + Jason

Glen is absolutely wonderful! I am, at times, over bearing and anal especially when it came to planning my wedding! Glen, however, made me feel very comfortable and never made me feel like I was asking too many questions, or asking to much of him in general. He was always prompt with timing and kept up his end of the bargain on everything! When the wedding day came, there were many things that were hectic and crazy – but not Glen! He was right on time, ready to work, and was very flexible with where we needing him to be. He molded to fit in where he was needed and did an amazing job! I cannot tell you how many people came up to myself and my husband separately to tell us how impressed they were with Glen. It’s not that he was intrusive or made himself known, it’s that when he did have that small window of interaction with certain people, he made them feel so comfortable that they took notice. That’s pretty darn cool if you ask me! He captured moments of our day that were at times unknown to us, but now we get to relive those times together forever. He definitely goes above and beyond! Glen is truly amazing and I would HIGHLY suggest him if you are looking for a photographer for any event in your life that you don’t want to forget!




Jennifer + Randal

Glen was outstanding. Perfect for a classic and classy wedding. Unobtrusive, professional, flexible. Captured all the right moments without our prompting. Photographs natural and not staged. I would give him the highest recommendation.









Jean + Daphne

Glen did a fantastic job! We would highly recommend him. He exceeded our expectations at every turn. He captured our story on our wedding day and created a beautiful wedding book. If you are looking for a photographer who goes beyond traditional portraits, then Glen is the one.






Stacey + Jesse

We couldn’t have been happier with our pictures and the unique ways Glen captured our day. Our photos look nothing like the average wedding photos. It really captures the things that make our day “ours”. Also, his pictures are different from wedding to wedding, so you are sure to have your “own” pictures every time. Glen also took pictures from different locations ALL over the church during the ceremony. He is a photography ninja!






Emma + Jake

Glen was an absolutely amazing photographer to work with! His beforehand advice, walk-through and planning is exactly what we needed to hear leading up to the wedding. If you are looking for a photographer with incredible energy, and the passion to capture the moments of your day, Glen is the right photographer for you. We received our images SO fast and they were absolutely stunning. If you have anything about your day that might qualify as “a little unusual” or a little offbeat for most wedding vendors, give Glen a call and talk it through. Our day wasn’t at all like your “typical” wedding, but that seemed to just make Glen more excited about shooting the day for us. We were 150% happy with Glen’s service and photos.






Karyn + David

We are so thankful to have Glen Stubbe as our wedding photographer. Glen is patient, kind, creative, and a great listener – he really took the time to listen to our ideas and did a great job at capturing the “feel” and emotion of our wedding day. Looking back at our wedding video, it was apparent how quickly special moments pass by. We were amazed and awed at Glen’s ability to capture stunning and expressive photos of moments that lasted literally seconds.
Glen is the best. On top of that he has this wonderful low key style that helps to keep you calm and focused. We just watched our wedding video and are shocked at how many of his pictures capture something very cool that didn’t last longer than an instant.






Sarah + Mike

We absolutely loved Glen! He was so laid-back and friendly that it made everything more comfortable. We had tons of beautiful pictures to pick from. If you’re looking for a photographer who is talented, a really nice guy and great to work with, Glen’s your man!







Molly + Kirk

I know that Glen had dozens of events going on last summer, yet I always felt like I was his only client by how I was treated! Weddings are incredibly stressful for both the brides and grooms, but Glen made us feel at ease and like everything was under control. He has a great instinct for the types of shots we needed to suit our family (my bridesmaids were my teenage stepdaughters, and we had THREE sets of parents whose ideas needed to be considered.) Glen knew exactly how to capture the entire day, from start to finish. We gave them to our parents this weekend and they were thrilled!! Our moms even started crying as they relived all of the memories!! I really cannot say enough….if you choose Glen, you can be assured that your most treasured memories of your day will be captured forever!






Elizabeth + Michael

Glen was outstanding to work with. From our very first conversations we found that he was an excellent listener – he talked to us about his style and how he likes to do photography, but was so interested in hearing what we wanted and how we saw our day unfolding, and then making sure that he worked everything around our vision. He was extremely helpful, calm, professional, reasonable, fun, had great ideas, and took awesome pictures. Everyone so enjoyed working with and being around him. We strongly recommend him.





Katie + Lucas

Choosing a wedding photographer was one of the hardest choices my husband and I had to make while planning our wedding. Someone once told me that you spend all this money on one day and your biggest take away is the pictures. With this in mind, I wanted to make sure we selected the photographer with the best portfolio, but also one that we had a great person connection with because after all, this person would be spending a lot of time with us on our special day. My husband and I interviewed at least 10 different photographers. After our first meeting we knew he would be perfect for the job. We were very impressed with the pricing and what it included, his portfolio, experience and of course, the interpersonal connection. Glen treated us like we were his only focus in the entire world. He was incredibly professional, patient and accommodating. I am so pleased with how our pictures turned out! We love them all and will cherish them forever. We had the time of lives on our wedding day and our pictures are bursting with this sentiment. I am still amazed at some of the pictures he took without me ever seeing him. Glen is truly a talented photographer. You definitely cannot go wrong selecting Glen to capture your big day – you will be so glad you did. Thank you Glen for giving us amazing pictures! We never thought we could look so good!